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Jacqueline FIsher

Jacqueline Fisher is a student at Chapman University majoring in Screenwriting through Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. She is an avid reader, writer, and jewelry designer. Struggling to achieve recognition as an individual, Jacqueline created this website to allow others to express themselves through various outlets of creativity and to promote the development of one's voice. Her other interests include watching Tom Cruise movies, acting, screenwriting, and scrapbooking. Jacqueline and her brother Justin, own the Etsy store, WhimsicalFindsShop.

The Be Individualistic Club

Jacqueline is the president and founder of The Be Individualistic Club. The Be Individualistic Club is non-school sponsored and solely student run. The club focuses on creating an accepting environment where students can actively facilitate their creativity, writing, poetry, and video film. All members or "Individualists" attend meetings twice a month to submit their pieces. 

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Jacqueline Fisher's most recent jewelry pieces from her portfolio. Some jewelry pieces are featured on merchandise not owned or created by Jacqueline Fisher.

Jewelry Portfolio

Be Individualistic firmly believes in advocating against bullying. Be Individualistic asked several teenagers to describe how they feel when they are bullied and complimented. Here are their responses.

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We'RE on a mission.

Founded in 2014, our main goal is to provide a website where the concept of individualism is valued and serves to potentially motivate others. Be Individualistic celebrates the ability to have a voice: to be freely opinionated.

Our authors are simply individuals finding their place in the world. Be Individualistic serves as a platform for young people to express themselves through authentic and tangible pieces of writing and film.